Terraforming RESToration, Softcover With Downloadable Audio


$ 25.00


The fourth book in the Terraforming series discusses our roles as kings, priests, fathers, and mothers who Love unconditionally as our Father does. We unify the generations to form the generation that Jesus cried out for. We complete covenants and rehearse the wedding of the Lamb while rescuing our siblings with the authority and power reserved for this Revelation 12 generation. Using the keys of the Kingdom of heaven, we will dismantle the kingdom of ‘not-love’ by hurling down the accuser with the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies. Once the way is prepared, we will bring in revival, and participate in the greatest planetary harvest the world has ever seen.

319 Pages.

DVD-ROM includes 29 hours of audio from Terraforming 5 - 8.

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