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Legacy is the ninth (9th) book in the Terraforming series (T17-18). It tells the story of the maturing sons and daughters of God birthing sons and daughters, who birth sons and daughters. This is the expanding generation that does not love their life so much as to shrink back from death, but loves all selflessly.  Topics include the heralding horses of Revelation 6 that come to bring the fruit of our choices: Love or not love, life or death.  It also reveals how Jesus’ bride is expressed on earth as clouds, full of water (truth), thunder (authority), and lightening (power).  There are overviews of the response and return that completes jubilee, the refugees that are coming for the church to rescue to destiny, the invitation to be the priests of our own temples (bodies), and walking with creation for health and wholeness (Quickened and Balanced).  We discuss beholding our God, and rebuilding the temple. There is an overview on the dragon, and how it is trying to influence our choices. Legacy ends with an overview of the feminine side of our God, El Shaddai, and how the Holy Spirit will be the One who navigates and sanctifies the people of God to the fullness of covenant.



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