Terraforming Song Softcover With Downloadable Audio

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Song is the eighth (8th) book in the Terraforming series (T15-16) that tells The Story of God’s Love, which contains all of space, time, and gravity as expressed like a musical Song.  Topics include songs in the bible, birthing the four covenants, blemish to beauty (shame and vulnerability), an overview on grief, culture, redeeming love, an introduction to the year of jubilee, how we function while seated in heavenly places, and the eleven (11) dimensions of physics as they relate to God, juxtaposed with how the impact of the fall of humanity on the stars and our bodies can be reversed to combat death.  Finally, there are also two sections on stewarding storehouses (financial planning) as God teaches us how to manage the provision that He is releasing to His church.

212 pages

16 1/2 Hours of Audio Included

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