Terraforming Womb, Softcover with Downloadable Audio


$ 25.00


Womb, the sixth book in the Terraforming and Cessors series brings a new revelation about the wave offering as an intimate time with the Lord as an expression and birthing of His heart. Other topics include the description and purpose of the father kings, the modern Cyrus, a thorough outline of demonic conspiracies (including new splinters), a new revelation on choice, and the concept of how God is not training us for war, He is training us for victory.
Several new and critical keys are released, including the three steps to opening the floodgate of provision in your life, and the latest revelation for covenant partners (marriage) called RESTcue. There is an extensive overview of Jesus ("Wonder"), the Holy Spirit
("Delight"), and the Father ("Awe"), a section on addiction with new splinters released, and anecdotal stories of land missions in 2013 with loads of testimonies!

244 pages

DVD-ROM includes over 20 hours of audio from Terraforming 11 and 12

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